Little Sister’s 40th Celebration…


It has happened, my little sister turned 40.  Notice the word little, I suppose reality does not set in until the one always playing catch up in age hits a milestone, ouch!  We spent a great evening at her favorite restaurant, Timpano in the Hyde Park district of Tampa.  As usual the food was amazing, the atmosphere fun, and the company exceptional.


Amy and I have a storied growing up.  Both of us being born in Brockton, Ma. a suburb South of Boston (not to be confused with South Boston, we are Swedes not Irish), moving to Florida at a very young age, and having two of the greatest parents anyone could ever ask for.  Most of our lives we had many of the same interests (none of which to be disclosed here) and shared so many common bonds.  As time passed our interests slowly differed yet there has always been some sort of commonality (a feeling more than anything) that we would always be in “synch”. 

Last night was a confirmation of a few things, not the least of which, the connection is still there.  Happy Birthday Amy, and by the way, congratulations on the official engagement.  Take a look at the photos from the evening here. 

I Love you- your big Brother




My particular interests with photography have been primarily photos of people, more specifically portraiture. We can always improve in everything we do so I have sought photographic methods to expand my understanding of the process. Exposure and composition are two areas I am particularly driven to understand more of. With composition there is so much more to the center of the frame and I find myself distrustful that the Rule of Thirds is end all to be all with regards to composing a photograph. Knowing this is a “rule” it certainly is made to be broken.

As I read books and posts regarding the Masters (both current and past) of the photographic arts a common thread is apparent, all have a specific genre they are associated with yet each is varied in style and content. Examples to be found here Magnum Photos.

Not to be confused with the photos in the link above follow this link to My Studies.



More Later!

I have finally Flickred...


Never thought I would do it but I finally have. After much contemplation I have decided to join the seemingly meniacal world of Flickr. I am not too certain as of yet what the hype is about, seems kind of "clunky" to me and not really well laid out but it seems to be very popular.

As I understand it Flickr is intended to bring photographers (budding and seasoned) together to display there work in a community atmosphere. Posting comments on photos is highly encouraged and it appears to help some really improve and hone their skills.

One thing I am really keen on is criticism of my work, both positive and negative. If this outlet affords me the opportunity to receive much needed discussion then so be it. By the way, why the heck deosn't Google own Flickr too? Sure seems like something they would love to do.

Anyway, take a peek here and see what you think.

This video post is amazing...


Having an insatiable appetite for all things photographic, and being a daft amateur in comparison to those whom I study, there is no choice but to spend some time daily prowling the Blogs of those I admire.

On a typical day I tend to find a glut of new information with a few golden nuggets hidden within. You know, something that really sticks with you.
Well today was a great trolling day, I would say I have hit the proverbial, "Video Daily Double", with a post on Scott Kelby's Blog.

Every Wednesday Scott has a guest blogger (typically a photographer) who is asked to write about a specific topic, I regularly look forward to these and have read some very good writings to date. To my (initial) dismay this past Wednesday was a video post, not something I am typically a fan of. Wow was I surprised.

The post by Zack Arias was PROFOUND! I have lost count of how many times I have watched this, but it has meaning, a lot of meaning. Please don't discount the beginning of the video, it really is great. Click here to check it out!



Just Elliot and I goofing off. This is with the E3, no flash, natural light source is the glass door to his right. Processed in Lightroom 2. Link to the gallery is here.
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Dinner at Timpano!


For those who have not been GO! What a nice evening, great food, nice atmosphere, and wonderful company! Here is the link to the rest of the photos

Project Love....


As always, if there is an opportunity to challenge and improve my photographic prowess, I am at the ready. I have the opportunity to compete against some very formidable opponents in a monthly photo challenge at my place of employment.

For the month of February the subject is love. With very loose restrictions on content, vague rules on post-processing, and creative freedom, this topic can run the gamut. I chose my subject to be what I know as the ultimate definition of love, my family. I spent a few hours downtown with the kids, here is what came of the trip. Click here.

That's all for now-