Details from the Florida State Fair


I had the opportunity to spend the day with my family at the State Fair. The Florida State Fair is dichotomy of sorts in that you have such varied interactions with a wide variety of people from vastly different societal scales. We spent most of the first two hours in "Cracker Country", a period built life-size diorama of turn of the 20th century Florida life.

As well, our day spilled out to the "normal" fair area. The air wafting with the smell of the all famous fair food, I could not resist, it was a $9.00 corn dog at least 2 feet long. Handing over the money all I could think about was John Travolta's line in Pulp Fiction when Uma Thurman orders a "Five Dollar Shake". Anyway, Clydesdale horses in the equestrian ring, petting zoo with giraffes, and the FFA show ring later, we entered the midway. Two things were very obvious, one historical, and the other a current affair. The barkers, ride operators, and freak show hucksters never change (I think descriptives go without saying) and the midway was a desolate strip of land lined by glittery, motionless, metal vomit comets.

All in all, a very nice day. I have included the obligatory link to the newly added photo gallery, the photos are from Cracker Country and cover what I enjoy best, The Details. Click her for the Standards and Details gallery.

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