I have finally Flickred...


Never thought I would do it but I finally have. After much contemplation I have decided to join the seemingly meniacal world of Flickr. I am not too certain as of yet what the hype is about, seems kind of "clunky" to me and not really well laid out but it seems to be very popular.

As I understand it Flickr is intended to bring photographers (budding and seasoned) together to display there work in a community atmosphere. Posting comments on photos is highly encouraged and it appears to help some really improve and hone their skills.

One thing I am really keen on is criticism of my work, both positive and negative. If this outlet affords me the opportunity to receive much needed discussion then so be it. By the way, why the heck deosn't Google own Flickr too? Sure seems like something they would love to do.

Anyway, take a peek here and see what you think.


Lisa said...

You beat me to it! I have been seriously considering it as well and for the very same reasons... kind of felt more like a hobbyist's site. But I am finding that it's a great place to network!

See ya on Flickr!
Lisa D

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